XD9267 系列

符合AEC-Q100(Grade2)标准 36V工作电压 Tr内置600mA 同步整流降压型DC/DC转换器

The XC9267 series are 36V operation synchronous step-down DC/DC converter ICs with a built-in P-channel MOS driver transistor and N-channel MOS switching transistor. The XD9267 series has an operating voltage range of 3 V to 36 V, a switching frequency of 2.2 MHz, and the circuit scheme of synchronous rectification to be a highly efficient and stable power supply. An internal reference voltage source of 0.75 V is available, and the output voltage can be set to 1 V to 25 V by external resistors (RFB1, RFB2).

The soft-start time is internally set to 2.0ms (TYP.), but can be adjusted to set a longer time using an external resistor and capacitor. With the built-in UVLO function, the driver transistor is forced OFF when input voltage becomes 2.7V or lower.

The output state can be monitored using the power good function. Over-current protection and thermal shutdown are built in as protection function, and it can be used safely even in the case of short circuit. Internal protection circuits include over current protection and thermal shutdown circuits to enable safe use.



输入电压 3.0~36V(40V额定值)
输出电压 1.0~25V
FB电压 0.75V±1.5%
振荡频率 2.2MHz
最大电流 0.6A
控制方式 PWM 控制
软启动功能 可以进行外部设置(RC外部)
保护功能 过电流限制(自动恢复)
输出电容 陶瓷电容器
工作环境温度 -40℃〜+ 105℃
环保相关 对应EU RoHS规格、无铅


封装名称 SOT-89-5 引脚数 5
个/Reel 1,000 外形尺寸(mm) 4.5 x 4.6 x 1.5
封装名称 USP-6C 引脚数 6
个/Reel 3,000 外形尺寸(mm) 1.8 x 2.0 x 0.6