XC6140 系列


The XC6140 series are battery voltage monitoring ICs optimal to CV rechargeable batteries and electric double layer capacitors. By setting release voltage to 2.475V and increasing the hysteresis width, it is possible to continue to output the release signal even in the voltage drop of the rechargeable batteries with high internal impedance due to inrush current.

When the battery voltage drops, it is possible to make the subsequent system stop and stand by on the rear stage until the charging is completed by setting the output signal at detection state.
In addition, hysteresis width is selectable in the range from 0.275V to 0.875V. So based on the internal impedance or over discharge voltage of a rechargeable battery, hysteresis width can be decided.

The SSOT-24 as well as ultra-small and low profile package USPQ-4B05 are available contributing to miniaturization of portable devices and high densely mounting applications.
Even when VIN voltage is lower than the minimum operating voltage, malfunction of the system can be avoided by the undefined operation prevention function which minimizes the rise of output voltage.



工作电压范围 1.1V ~ 6.0V
释放电压设定值 2.475V
检测电压设定值 1.6V ~ 2.2V (0.1V increments)
释放电压精度 ± 1.3% (Ta=25℃)
± 3.0% (Ta=-40℃~ 105℃)
检测电压精度 ± 0.8% (Ta=25℃)
± 2.5% (Ta=-40℃~ 105℃)
检测电压温度特性 ± 50ppm/℃ (TYP.)
低电流消耗 104nA TYP.(@detect, VDF=1.6V, VIN=1.44V)
139nA TYP.(@release, VIN=2.7V)
输出形式 CMOS
Nch open drain
输出逻辑 RESETB (Active Low)
RESET (Active High)
防止不确定操作 Output pin Voltage 0.38V (MAX:Ta=-40℃~105℃)
环境温度 -40℃ ~ 105℃
环保相关 对应EU RoHS 指令、无铅


封装名称 SSOT-24 引脚数 4
个/Reel 3,000 外形尺寸(mm) 2.0 x 2.1 x 1.1
封装名称 USPQ-4B05 引脚数 5
个/Reel 5,000 外形尺寸(mm) 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.33